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Each team will play it's division foes twice and one other foe twice(determined by the order of finish in the previous season) and each other team once for a total of fourteen games. Each owner MUST turn in a lineup each week, even if you are playing the same lineup. This must be done by the point and click method on your team roster webpage. In the event that the website is down, a phone call to the comissioner or the team you are playing will suffice. Your lineup must be turned in at least 10 minutes prior to the first game of the week. If you fail to turn in a line up for more than two weeks during the season, you will are subject to being voted out of the league for non participation.


Each division winner will be in the playoffs with the best record from each conference getting a first round bye. The team in each conference with the next best record to the division winners will go to the playoffs as a wild card. In round one, the division winner without a bye plays the wild card team with the winner advancing to play the team that got the bye. The winner of that game goes to the Fantasy Bowl.


Owners fees are due one week before the draft. If your dues are not received by this time, your team will have a new owner at the draft! Fees are $50 dollars. Each division winner will receive $25. Wild Card winners get $12.50. Position leaders get $5. Fantasy Bowl winner gets $243.75 and the loser gets $81.25. $65 will go to the new software and $10 will go to the trophy for engraving.


The draft will be held at noon two Sundays before the regular NFL season begins. In the event the league has more than one new owner, all NFL players from teams that are without an owner will be pooled. The new owners will select one, two, or no players to place under contract from this pool. The order of selection will be determined by lottery draw. There will be two supplamental rounds to the draft for owners to build their rosters to two players. The pool for the supplamental draft will consist of all players not under contract.


Ties during the season remain ties. If two teams are tied in record for the playoffs, the first tiebreaker is head to head games, then division record, then conference record, then total points for the season. During the playoffs ties will be broken by bench scoring.


Rosters consist of 18 players. Four draft choices must be defensive players. Only nine players will start each week. You must start a QB, TE, K, and two D. You must start a combination of four RB and WR. This means you may start one RB and three WR or three RB and one WR or two and two.


There are some very simple rules of trading and signing players that seem to confuse owners every year, so I will try to make them as simple as possible.

  • Trades do not become final until BOTH owners have notified the commish and the trade has passed any protest from the league.
  • Trade deadline is the 10th week of the season. No trades will be allowed after the final game of the 10th week.
  • Trading opens again the first day of February.
  • Once a trade has been made, it cannot be reversed at any time. Similar trades using the same players are allowed.
  • Owners must make room on the roster when notifying the commish if this is not accomplished in the trade. The trade is NOT effective until the roster requirements are met.
  • Any player released by another team or not drafted is considered a free agent (FA).
  • FAs may be signed until the end of the last game in week 14.
  • The limit on the number of FA signings is 8 players per season. Trades between owners do not affect this number, nor do aquisitions to replace a player who is out for the season.
  • When signing up an FA you must make room on your roster at the same time. If you fail to do this, you will not be allowed to sign the FA.
  • FAs may not be picked up again until the last pick of the NAFFL draft has been made.
  • Free agent aquisitions must be posted on the forum.
  • FAs signed before 8:00pm on Tuesday of each week may start in that week's games.
  • There are no adds/drops during the playoffs. Each team in the playoffs will be allowed to sign one FA to a "Taxi Squad" before the playoffs begin. This player will be elligable for play only if a player is injured during the playoffs. After the playoffs begin, you will not be allowed to sign a taxi squad player. The taxi squad player is immediately elligable to play and the injured player does NOT need to be waived.
  • Each team will be allowed to designate two players as "franchise players" thereby protecting them from the following year's draft.
  • Teams will designate their franchise players one week before draft day but not before learning the draft order.
    Touchdowns Pass Rush/Rec
    1-29 yds 5 pts 6 pts
    30-59 yds 6 pts 7 pts
    60-79 yds 7 pts 8 pts
    over 79 yds 8pts9 pts
    - 2 points for throwing an interception

    1-19 yds 4 pts
    20-39 yds 5 pts
    40-59 yds6 pts
    60-79 yds 6 pts
    over 79 yds7 pts

    Yardage Points
    Kicking Points

    1-45 yds 3 pts
    46-50 yds 4 pts
    51-54 yds 5 pts
    over 54 yds 5 pts + 1 pt each yd over 54
    PAT 1 pt
    2 pt conversion Pass 1 pt Rush/Rec 2 pts


    2 pts for 1/2 sacks--3 pts for full sacks

    Tackle 1pt per tackle

    Safety 2pts

    INT 4pts plus 1 pt every 20 yds of return.


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