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Coach Don Icawat

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QB Brett Favre vs. Atlanta Falcons
Vinny Testaverde @ Buffalo Bills
RB Robert Holcombe
Stacey Mack
Antowain Smith vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
WR Isaac Bruce @ Denver Broncos
Chris Chambers vs. Detroit Lions
Wayne Chrebet @ Buffalo Bills
Curtis Conway @ Cincinnati Bengals
Bobby Engram @ Oakland Raiders
Donald Hayes vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Koren Robinson @ Oakland Raiders
Bill Schroeder
Brandon Stokley @ Carolina Panthers
TE Patrick Hape vs. St. Louis Rams
K Mike Vanderjagt @ Jacksonville Jaguars
DL La' roi Glover @ Houston Texans
LB Ronald McKinnon @ Washington Redskins
Brian Simmons vs. San Diego Chargers
Jeremiah Trotter @ Tennessee Titans

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