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Giant Armadillos
Coach Gerry Sr.

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QB Kerry Collins vs. San Francisco 49ers
Jay Fiedler vs. Detroit Lions
RB Kevan Barlow @ New York Giants
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala @ New England Patriots
Mike Green vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Dorsey Levens
Fred Taylor vs. Indianapolis Colts
WR Oronde Gadsden vs. Detroit Lions
Jacquez Green vs. Arizona Cardinals
Randy Moss @ Chicago Bears
Muhsin Muhammad vs. Baltimore Ravens
David Terrell vs. Minnesota Vikings
Amani Toomer vs. San Francisco 49ers
TE Stephen Alexander @ Cincinnati Bengals
Roland Williams vs. Seattle Seahawks
K David Akers @ Tennessee Titans
DL Kevin Carter vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Joe Johnson vs. Atlanta Falcons
Trevor Pryce vs. St. Louis Rams
LB Jessie Armstead

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